Many organizations struggle with their supply base. Strategic suppliers are not responsive, procurement savings don’t translate into a competitive cost base and the business is complaining about its suppliers. Procurement organizations don’t seem to make the difference.  

 Would you like to change that? I can help you. 

It is my expertise to define a business driven, differentiated procurement strategy, to shape the procurement organization and to coach your team to develop strategic suppliers and improve their value for money. I can help you to set the direction, mobilize people and improve performance. 

 Previous assignments include: 

  • Restructuring of the S&P organization 
  • Implementing Category Management 
  • Several cost reduction programs with 10% tangible cost reduction on total spend and individual strategic categories up to 20% cost reduction 
  • Streamlining the operational procurement processes 
  • Supplier management and development of strategic partnerships  

Supply Chain

Is your supply chain a strategic asset or primarily a cost driver? How responsive are your planning and fulfillment processes? Do you want you supply chain to be more demand driven?

Today, customers expect (almost) instant supply. Mass customization has made it impossible to use traditional inventory as buffer for variation in demand, or to use traditional Sales & Operations Planning to forecast demand. Today, supply chains need to be demand driven, customer centric. Keywords are agility and simplicity in design.  

 If you are eager to transform your supply chain into a competitive differentiator, I can help you to set the direction, mobilize people and improve performance. 



Previous assignments include: 

  • SCM strategy definition and implementation 
  • Outsourcing and insourcing of Logistics Service Providers 
  • Definition of operating model 
  • Several ERP-implementations and recoveries 
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling
  • Sales & Operations Planning 
  • Supplier management and integration  


Whether you operate in an asset driven, a resource driven or a project environment, you need a clear and actionable operations strategy.  

Operational Excellence can however only be achieved if this is combined with an equally strong focus on people management and continuous improvement.  

 Are your people rewarded for standing out? is their expertise taken seriously? Are expectations clear? Do people feel supported to live up to them? How do you create a learning organization without losing accountability? 

 I have acted as operations manager in very different environments and situations, always with a focus on change. I can help you to set the direction, mobilize people and improve performance. 

 Previous assignments include: 

  • Operations strategy and implementation 
  • Restructuring & productivity improvement 
  • LEAN implementation 

Project Management

Are your project deliverables clear? Do you have a capable project team with a clear mandate? If you work with subcontractors, are they taking ownership? 

 I have recovered several complex projects in distress and managed many. I have also set up project management organizations, not by focusing on the tools but on the customer, on team capabilities and on governance. 

Do you have a complex project to manage or recover, or do you want to professionalize your project management organization? I can help you to set the direction, mobilize people and improve performance. 

 Previous assignments include: 

  • Setting up a PMO / project organization for complex projects 
  • ERP project management and recovery 
  • Project Management in the superyacht industry 
  • Implementing Risk Management & Project Governance