Leenen Management | Interim & Project Management and Consulting
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About me

Personal drive

During my very first job I was confronted with a massive restructuring in which 50% of the people lost their jobs. As project manager I was responsible for a drastic improvement program in the remaining factories. It was hard work under a lot of pressure but we succeeded to bring back profitability and I felt proud of what was achieved.

Since then I’ve always kept focus on realizing improvements. I find it extremely rewarding to help an organization move into the right direction and be better prepared for the future.


I don’t use template solutions, but the diversity of my experience has enabled me to develop a strong and clear vision which can be characterized in a few statements:

  • Only simple solutions will be effective. However, it generally takes more effort to find a simple and effective one than a complex one;
  • There is not one best way to organize. Any operating model needs to fit with the company strategy and culture to be effective;
  • People deserve respect. For me that translates into setting clear expectations, providing support to live up to these and being honest in giving feedback. This may not always be easy, but it is always beneficial for both the individual as well for the company.
  • I listen carefully and I’m not afraid to challenge.
  • I can push hard to get things done, but I have also learned that a bit more patience can facilitate the team and individual development. Which management style is required depends on the situation and will be part of the conversation.

Potential roles

Different situations may require different solutions and I’m therefore open for different ways to create value.

Interim Management:

  • Are there urgent challenges (including people management) that need to be picked up simultaneously in a hectic period / environment?
  • Do you have tough decisions that need to be taken by someone from outside the organization?
  • Are you struggling with your key suppliers or supply chain strategy?

Interim management is the strongest form of intervention and may be the best way for your situation to accelerate the realization of your business objectives. Strategy definition and realization, executing improvement programs and people management/development can all be executed by me in an interim management role.

Consulting & Project Management:

If you have your team lined up but need support in a specific domain of expertise or to accelerate the realization of your ambitions, a consulting or project management role may be the best way to add value. Independent from my specific role I will help you to set the direction, mobilize people and improve performance.